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The next project

First, I’d like to thank all of you that supported our music, wrote about us, and genuinely took an interest in us. The stats seem to show that Ansur’s popularity isn’t fading, and hit counts and listening stats have been more or less stable the last two years. This is positive, taking into consideration that we’ve had no output in since “Warring Factions” in 2008. Both our albums are now up on Spotify, and I hope this will give many new listeners the chance to hear our music, as well as making it easier for you guys to continually listen to us. One of our big goals with “Warring Factions”, as well as “Axiom”, was to make music that lasts, music that can after a year, still give the listener an experience as enjoyable as the first time he/she listened to it. I now believe we should have done a lot of things different with our albums in terms of production, execution and arrangements, but I hope that this is one thing we succeeded in doing.

As I’ve written in some of the comments here, we’ve decided to leave the Ansur-name behind, and we’re reforming into a new band. There are a lot of musical changes, but the most significant will be the change from sceaming vocals to clean vocals, and the change from a extreme-based metal style to a more progressive rock-ish expression (though you guys still may have a some difficulties describing it genre-wise).

This is a decision which we have long thought about, and we think it will be for the best.

There are hours of material for the next album, but the selection process is extremely difficult, and more has yet to be written. It’s an exciting to be in this idea-phase, to have the chance to conceptualize and do everything from scratch again. No name for this project yet, so give us a shout if you have any suggestions. Though some may be disappointed that we’ve decided not to take the Ansur-name further, I can assure you that our next project will emphasize quality and originality, and hopefully you’ll end up listening to it anyway.

“Warring Factions” and “Axiom” now on Spotify!

Edit: Warring Factions was taken down for a while, but it’s back up now.

Get “Axiom”

Our first album “Axiom” is now £1.99 at play.com, get it here.

A little update

Things have gone back and forth for some time now, and finally we’re back making the new album with stable productivity. We’ve also got a new drummer, which we’ll present soon. Some of the tracks are finished, but most of it is still bits and pieces. But creativity is coming, and hopefully this summer will [...]

Glenn has left the band

Glenn Ferguson has left the band due to indifferences about musical styles. We wish him all the best in the future.

Studio progress Pt. 2

I know the progress of making new songs have been a bit slow lately. Next week we’re starting to work again. Torstein are currently working on new parts and he will send it to me and I will get behind the drums 24/7 to make the drum tracks. It will be a nonstop progress with [...]